Active Agent

Software Company


After over twenty years in the real estate business, we noticed there were a huge number of opportunities within the customer journey most agencies simply weren’t attending to – from responding faster and sending more relevant communications to improving their landing pages and utilising data more effectively.

This led us to the premise of a single mobile-friendly platform which would attend to every aspect of the customer journey.

Here’s how it works:

We upgrade your lead generation

The average online attention span is slightly shy of 8 seconds, and if you don’t immediately capture a visitor’s interest you will never see them again.

We provide conversion optimised landing pages which cut to the chase and turn visitors into leads. Then we integrate those leads straight into our sales funnel, sending automated messages that are personalised to move prospects closer and closer to converting.

We develop bespoke, personalised messaging

In order to deliver the level of personalisation you need, it’s important that you have carefully crafted content for every different occasion and kind of customer.

We use detailed data to segment you customer base, then we use develop unique, persuasive, and high-converting copy for each segment – ensuring that every customer feels they’re being communicated with directly, even when the messages are totally automated.

We automate your communications

We develop a strategic communication system for your specific customer journeys, integrating multiple automations to ensure every customer gets exactly what they need when they need it – taking the burden off your staff and ensuring the right message is delivered at the right time every time.

We analyse and visualise your data

We present your data as intuitive visual funnels and actionable insights, making it easy for you to make sense of the results, adjust your strategy and manage your resources.