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Business Development Service

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We are a Multifaceted Enterprise that offers  Innovative Solutions  to the betterment of Individuals, Business and Communities. 

Our Staffing Service provides elite, professional and proven Administrative and Supportive Talent to Small and Mid-Size Businesses, Large Corporations and Government Entities.

Agape Services Business Development provides business start up basics,  comprehensive planning and guidance to help you realize your vision at your pace.

Our Integrated Consulting is comprised of an Evolutionary, Innovative and Diverse approach (CEID).  We are ever evolving, structuring and positively positioning ourselves to enhance the infrastructure of individuals, businesses and community. 

We have learned during uncertain times deposited without a notice, it is of immediate importance to be able to quickly pivot to prove ones resilience and remain competitive.  We at Agape Services have helped small business owners realize their greatest potential by offer practical, personalized solutions to their individual, business or community needs. 

Are you looking to start, develop or expand your business, but not sure where to turn? Need help developing your brand, image, business plan?  Grass-root planning or reinventing your professional business website, executing or acquiring talent for your next project? Contact us and let us guide you. 

Agape Services utilize proven resources, taking bold chances and by making insightful decisions, our organization can help move you forward at a healthy pace, with industry analysis, focusing and forecasting,  making small incremental changes, building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving environment which leads to longevity, profit and a positive contribution to the economy.