Albert Porter

Book Publisher

The Hour Is Near: The Biblical Signs Are Here Now-Pointing To The End Times! The Rapture Of The Church Could Occur Any Day Now. Are You Ready?

What in the world is going on! Aren’t you wondering why we are witnessing the greatest disasters in history all happening at the same time - volcanoes, hurricanes, floods, fires, tornadoes, and yes, pandemics – not to mention social unrest, decay of the family, and political animosity, Mark 13;29.

Even so, when you see these things happening, you know that it is near, right at the door. What‘s right at the door? Scriptures tell us that when these signs converge and all happen in record-setting modes the world as we know it will experience a Rapture soon.

Evidence in the Bible supports the Book of Revelation which tells us the Rapture of the church followed by the Tribulation will happen any day now and the world as we know it will change dramatically.

The Hour Is Near is a unique booklet for Christians in that it incorporates the evidence of the Bible with supportive scripture. Here’s the information you’ll receive - written in an easy–to-read-style with bullets and short summaries.

•Apologetics: Christian Evidence for the Bible
•End Times and Signs of the Time (including Covid)
•End Times Prophecy
•The End Times Revelation
•The Rapture and Tribulation
•Armageddon and The Second Coming
•Christian Cults- Beware of False Messiahs

Read this well-researched book then share the news with your family and friends. They deserve to know the truth.

What's Heaven All About: Discover The Evidence That Heaven Is Real And An Unbelievable Place To Live For Eternity

Heaven Is Real! The scriptures in the Bible not only tell us that Heaven is a real place like New York or London but that Jesus is preparing a room for us.

This is a book that gives you the answers to dozens of questions you will want to know about Heaven, and specifically what the Bible says about Heaven.

•what will we eat, what will our bodies be like, what age will we be, will there be marriage?
•will we recognize family and friends, will we remember our past, will there be sin?
•will there be pain, will there be sex, will there be gender, will there be time?
•What do you do in heaven-are there jobs in heaven?
•Who is in heaven now?
•How do we get to heaven?
•When do we go to heaven?
•Where is heaven?
•Will I hear about near death experiences?

I have put this information into an easy-to-read summary with scriptures to support the evidence of all the important information you want to know about heaven.

Read this well-researched book then share the news with your family and friends. They deserve to know the truth.

About The Author - Albert Porter

In the world he has been a business executive with four major staffing firms, an entrepreneur, and most recently a Consultant to small businesses. He has written many articles, white papers, and newsletters in his business career - a result of the love for writing he developed as an English major in college.

In the Church, he has been a Superintendent of Sunday Schools and Youth Director in two churches and a Director of Christian Education for one of those churches.

A few years ago he founded Breakthrough Ministry International and produced several videos for YouTube featuring the End times and Apologetics. For the past fifteen years he has been purchasing Christian CDs, DVDs and books in bulk and distributing them to believers and unbelievers.