Permanent Make-up Clinic

3080 Ackerman Blvd. Suite #105, Kettering, Ohio, 42429, USA

Arys Brows offers 5 star Permanent Make-Up Services and Training. We are located inside of Skin and Scalp Restoration Clinic. Arys Brows is a top-ranking PMU Clinic in the Miami Valley and Midwest Area, located in the heart of Kettering, Ohio!
Our Founder and C.E.O. Aryienne Cargle, have studied the Artistry of PMU since 2019.
Aryienne Cargle is a 4-time licensed Permanent Make-Up Artist and Removal Specialist, certified by The Ohio Department Board of Health through Skin and Scalp Restoration Clinic. Aryienne Cargle is Bloodborne Pathogen and COVID-19 barbicide certified. Aryienne Cargle has a science and arts-based background.
We aim to make our customer’s look and feel their best. We execute services such as Powder Brows, Ombre Brows, Nano Blading, Permanent Eyeliner, Lip Blush, Permanent Lip Stick and Micro-blading with precise technique. We offer Top hands on, in Person and Online Training. The experience of our luxury services are life changing. Our specialties are Permanent Make-up correcting, Botched Micro blading, Micro-shading, Permanent Eyeliner, or Lip Tattoos. We offer Removal Services also.
Our Goal is to Training Permanent Make-Up Artist Correctly. This will help our students achieve the most knowledge about the PMU techniques of their choice, so they can go on to be great Professionals and have a long and promising Career. After taking Arys Brows Training Courses, students will be on their way to becoming a master at their new skills. Our training courses are for people looking to begin or even expand their permanent make-up career.
PMU is the next level in the make-up world. Permanent Cosmetics is life changing. Make every person feel their best and leaving with the Best Permanent Make-up or Training.

Arys Brows LLC is your #1 choice for PMU