Assonant Circles

Performing Arts Group

+40 726 122 056

Assonant Circles makes itself remarked as a young and exuberant booking and event planning agency.

We bring together sounds that need to be heard that will lead the soul through an emotional periplus.

Our activity arose out of the passion for music and the desire to fuse the rhythm with a unique manner in which artists make themselves noticed. Assonant Circles is simply a Universe where melodious vibrations are transfigured into an amalgam of feelings.


Melancholic, overjoyed, rebellious, vulnerable, cheerful, calm, this is what makes who you crave to be, and who you can become once you have transcended into the magical world of music. And here, everything can exceed your imagination by infinite joy and pure harmony originated from devoted, talented people. It is a place you belong to, a Universe called Assonant Circles.