Athena Shokunin


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Athena Shokunin as a brand that is based on the sole passion for traditional crafts and artisanship. At the same time trying to make a continuous effort to finding alternative to products that are made from chemicals and artificial material to be replaced by products made from natural ingredient that do not leave harmful residue after use. This practice is an initiative to spreading the awareness of sustainable living right from within the homes by making sustainable products. All the products manufactured by Athena Shokunin are made from complete organic material, every raw material is sourced from the most reliable source and is taken care to be delivered with best quality retention. All the products are made with utmost care keep the original art and craft in consideration as the whole purpose of the brand is to preserve the handmade quality. We offer a wide range of Bath and Body Products, hand poured aroma candles, handwoven woolen products and handcrafted home decor items. Based in Nashik, Maharashtra, India. We deliver worldwide.