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50 Cottonwood Cres, Springfield Lakes, Queensland, 4300, Australia

I was born in Hamilton, New Zealand before moving to Queensland, Australia at the age of 11. I grew up with my younger brother and my wonderful parents. For as long as I can remember, I was always the person who had to have everything perfect and had to have everything organised at all times! Ever heard of a 13-year-old asking their little brother if they could organise their room? That was me! Getting home from school was meant to be the time to get your homework done. But instead, I would spend the first hour of the afternoon rewriting everything I had learnt from that day, purely because it wasn’t neat enough. I was labelled as the perfectionist and the control freak, which was fine by me! I go above and beyond with everything I do. No job is ever half done. I have had a love for weddings since the first time I watched The Wedding Planner! So I decided to combine my love for weddings and my most prominent traits and pursue my dream career! What could be better than helping two people share their love for one another with all the people who mean the most to them. The first wedding I ever planned happened to be my own. There is nothing better than feeling completely and whole heartedly happy on your wedding day. Knowing that everyone is having a great time. That Is something every bride and groom should feel, nothing less. That is what I strive for, every single time. On your wedding day, the only thing you should be thinking about is your new husband/wife and spending time with your loved ones. All the details big or small, should be left to the experts to ensure your day is just as perfect as you dreamed it would be.