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Bobby24 is a social impact super app designed for the Indian market, It is also capable of compatibility and growth with any market around the world. - Bobby24 is an online ecosystem where users can access any online service while staying on the same app, save money through loyalty programs and support the growth and rise of India, because Bobby24actively supports and reinvests in building a better India tomorrow, through heavily focusing on educating the masses and providing custom made and free online educational programs. - American freeware app for instant communication on electronic devices such as smartphones, tablet computers and desktop computers. - Designed to dominate the growing Indian market within next few years. Bobby24 can be described as “Super App” because everything is integrated within one service. Instead of having one app for banking and another for transportation, many of those apps are built directly into Bobby24, so that our App becomes a one-stop shop for its users. - Bobby24 embeds a complete ecosystem of tools and services, enabling users to buy train and plane tickets, read news, purchase, and manage city services, pay for utilities, book a doctor’s appointment, pay for traffic fines, hail a ride share, book a stay at a hotel, get a bike share, order takeout, donate to charity, pay taxes, and more. It will provide the appropriate environment for the prosperity of businesses and small and medium companies, and will contribute to the integration of contemporary technology with building businesses not only on the Internet but in all magazines