Bouquets, Wreaths and Such

Flower Designer

Bouquets, Wreaths and such is my floral company specializing in bouquets, wreaths, items pertaining to wedding accessories, and seasonal designs. I am the founder and owner who has been a lifelong gardener who has studied floral design. I continue to update my skills through classes, online tutorials and groups of like-minded individuals and friends.

I am a self-described environmentalist with a strong emphasis in using natural materials such as wood, sand, rocks, and greenery. I also use recyclable faux wood-products, silk, and man-made blends for my designs. My florals are very colorful and look as real as living specimens. I have a following of clients with allergies who can experience their “special day” to the fullest by using my designs.

Bouquets, wreaths and some wedding accessories are available in colors and sizes of your choice. Please call me for individual prices.

Have you left preparations for your wedding a little late? Call our Fast Department that for items that can be shipped in one or two weeks. Customized bouquets take three to four weeks to be made and shipped. Sometimes customized bouquets can be rushed for an additional fee. Please inquire before purchasing.