Dilek Uyar


Ankara, Ankara, 06810, Turkey

F. Dilek Uyar was born in 1976 in Çanakkale. After completing her primary and secondary education in this city, she entered to Gazi University, Faculty of Law in Ankara Turkey. When she graduated, she started her master degree in Labor and Social Security Law in the same university. She is still a lawyer in a company in Ankara. She has 2 children.

For 5 years she has been spending most of her time on photography. She likes taking travel, street and documentary photos. She likes telling stories of people she meets during her travels as well as cities with her photos. For 4 years she has been working on social responsibility projects and trying to photograph socially important issues.
As a woman photographer, lawyer, and mother from Turkey, she made many speeches in Universities, Photograph Associations and as a Tedx Speaker, she touched on the significance of being a woman and saying yes to change. She also takes part in social awareness projects.
Her biggest aim is to increase social awareness and recognition with her stories and continue inspiring young women in her country.
She joined many international and national exhibitions, won over 200 awards. She is still contributor photographer of National Geographic YS and National Geographic Turkey.