A group of teens working towards the benefit of stray dogs! We feed any stray dog that we come across and take care of it to the best of our abilities. If one happens to be injured/needs help, we will do so as per their needs and visit the vet for further treatment, if needed. During the COVID-19 pandemic, mostly everything has suffered drastically. Now, as people begin to get adjusted to the new normal, we want to do our bit of helping man's best friends by feeding whichever dog we find! We have started a newsletter, Dognation Weekly, that informs people about information related to dogs! We have reached an achievement of taking care of and feeding stray dogs more than 300 times! Our aim for the future is to keep on helping stray dogs to the best of our capability! We are based in Gurgaon, Haryana, India and are committed towards working for the welfare of stray dogs!