Elegant Artistic Design & Back to Roots

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Welcome to the page that has now combined both my brands into one. Back to Roots is my 100% organic skin care line made from the best quality ingredients, while Elegant Artistic Design gives you unlimited options for creating your own unique designs for greetings cards and bringing them to life! We're proud to be Canadian made, and that our products are built with quality materials and the latest technologies to meet the highest industry standards.

The selection of products manufactured for Back to Roots skin care products are not only of the highest quality, but are also available in a variety of options to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for. With top-of-the-line materials, cutting-edge production technologies and a highly qualified team, we guarantee complete satisfaction, as well as each product being:

- organic
- non GMO
- not tested on animals
- gluten free
- vegan
- non-comedogenic
- no synthetic materials
- free from titanium dioxide
- paraben free
- no silicone
- no harsh detergents
- no petrolatum
- recyclable containers
- biodegradable shipping materials
- Canadian made

Natural and Organic products we will provide you with are as follows:
- Hair Conditioners and Treatments
- Solid and Liquid Perfumes
- Nourishing Oils for Face, Body, and Hands
- Eye Shadow
- Blush/Tints
- Liquid Foundation
- Reflexology Tools
- Face Powder Foundation
- Lip Treatments and Colours
- Makeup Tools (eco-friendly)
- Mascara
- Eye liner
- Concealer
- Face Scrubs and Lotions
- Body Scrubs and Lotions
- Tinted Moisturizers (Best Seller)
- Natural Soap Bars
- Toothpaste
- Face Masks
- Deodorant