Faye Lynch Lactation Consultant

Health Consultant

14 Kulai St, Charlestown, New South Wales, 2290, Australia

+61 401 359 152

Lactation Consultant IBCLC. Serving in Charlestown, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie & Maitland NSW. Home & online breastfeeding consultations in the antenatal and postnatal period. Expert in latching and nipple problems.
Faye teaches mothers to communicate with their babies, signs of a deep latch, mastitis, low supply, care of a premature baby, tongue tie, nipple shields, breast implants, engorgement, blocked ducts, tongue and lip tie assessment, fitting of nipple shields low supply, over supply, inverted /flat nipples, breastfeeding after breast surgery, expressing and storage of breast milk, returning to work and antenatal education in preparation for breastfeeding.
Multiple births are a challenge and Faye assists with establishing
Vasospasm and thrush can be troublesome to mother and baby often there is a simple solving the problem.
Premature babies and with twins are time consuming and overwhelming at times, Faye assists with time saving measures.
Induction of lactation, re-lactation is available for women wishing to breastfeed in the case of adoption.
Breastfeeding after a breast reduction or augmentation/implants can present difficulties and Faye can offer you help to overcome these obstacles.
Using a feeding supplementer commonly know as a Supplementing Nursing System to help increase supply while breastfeeding your baby.
Solving breastfeeding problems is both challenging and rewarding when one sees a mother progress in her breastfeeding journey.
Weaning often presents with breastfeeding challenges but babies can transition with ease under the right guidance.