Finance and Investment Cell, Hansraj College

Education Center

University of Delhi, Mahatma Hans Raj Marg, Hansraj College, Malka Ganj, Delhi, Delhi, 110007, India

+91 84 37 249075

The Finance and Investment Cell, Hansraj College embarked upon its journey to promulgate financial literacy in the year 2014. Since then, we at FIC have been disseminating quintessential information on finance and related concepts. Be it organizing multifarious events or hosting regular speaker sessions with eminent personalities, the Cell has managed to build a significant presence for itself and has lived up to its reputation of being one of the finest societies in the Delhi University circuit. The Cell also curates and publishes its own set of financial articles regularly so that all segments of the public can reap the benefits. Several departments operate in tandem to ensure that the society provides ample opportunities to its members to upskill themselves in all aspects.