Flower City Charter Services

Educational Consultant

Flower City Charter Services, LLC (FCCS) is a service oriented, solutions focused, full service vendor located in the city of Rochester, NY. FCCS was created by career changing former long tenured charter school administrator to serve charter schools (and other organizations) in this region with services they all require and use on an everyday basis.

At FCCS, we believe that schools should receive services that are aligned with the high expectations they have for themselves. FCCS aims to differentiate its services for partnered clients by completing them with the same level of excellence that the schools hold themselves to for their staff, students and families. FCCS believes from direct experiences in administration for high performing charter schools that other vendors offering similar services do not understand the very specific needs and expectations of charter schools.

Outstanding service is our commitment. Our goal is to assist your school or organization in any and every capacity that we can to improve the services you receive, cut costs in the name of fiscal responsibility and create structures and systems to operate within to improve efficiency and effectiveness.