Future Development Systems Limited


Hong Kong Rm 1902, Easey Comm. Bldg., 253-261 Hennessy Road, Wanchai., Гонк Конг, 999077, Hong Kong

+852 635 14 089

Future Development Systems Limited is an investment company that specializes in the study of various commodity markets of the world with the subsequent financing of manufacturers of interest to us. Today we finance enterprises engaged in the production of cigarettes, food products, fertilizers for agriculture, manufacturers of building materials, developers of programs in the field of IT-technologies. In addition to financing various companies, we are engaged in the sale of products of those enterprises that were financed by our company.
We finance only those companies whose products we can sell on our own. In addition to direct financing of manufacturing companies, we also help promote and sell products and services in various global markets. The main part of our working projects is the production and sale of cigarettes, the export of food products from around the world to China, the export of various products from China to many countries of the world, the export of fertilizers to Africa, Europe and America. 70% of the products we sell are the products of the companies in which we have invested.