Get Real Human Resource Advisory Services LLC



Get Real Human Advisory Services is exactly what the name implies. How's that? Get Real in that some among your leadership and/or employees may need a reality check. No beating around the bush, no sugar coating the truth. If your organization prides itself on "authentic leadership" and your leaders are anything but, then someone needs to come home from fantasy land. This is the real world and you're dealing with real people with real emotions and real life/career goals. You must have real leaders! Let us help.

Are you a new business and just need a little guidance to set up a Human Resource function that will serve you through the initial phases of your business? We can help.

Are you an established business and want to audit your existing Human Resources functions for compliance, best practices, etc.? We can help.

Get Real Human Advisory Services was created with a vision to empower and change the status quo. It's not as hard as you may think. YOU just need to possess the desire and willingness to be the one that steps out of the shadows and stands up to make a difference.