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Ghosting is a really big deal nowadays. It hurts many people and it’s a subtle way of bullying. It is one of the most unkind and violent things that you can do to emotionally and mentally hurt a human being. Many people underestimate ghosting consequences and unfortunately it has become a norm today. It is a very disguised form of emotional and mental violence.

Our goal is to bring justice and a feeling of relief to all of you that you have experienced the devastating and overwhelming feelings of ghosting. We want to bring democracy and justice to the new era that we live in. The digital era of social media.

How we will do that? With these 3 simple steps.

We provide three levels of services. The first level is that you give us the information of the person that ghosted you and we will try to reach this specific person on social media or cell phone to ask for a logical explanation and to also ask the specific questions that you may have. We will keep you updated throughout this whole process

The second level of our service works like this. If the person that we come in contact with doesn’t give a logical and fulfilling explanation we will expose him/her by uploading his/her photos on our page plus the texts that you sent while you were communicating until this person ghosted you.

The third level of our service is complete exposure of this person with texts photos names and surnames

We want to make a revolution to the modern day society by making people to understand that their actions have consequences and they cannot hurt other people hiding their selves behind a cell phone or a computer. We want to make everyone be more careful on how they treat other people and improve the empathy of our society

If this requires drastic actions like exposure of the identity of the person we will do it

We are here not only to help you take revenge but also to protect you and in the future other people from experienced what you experienced when the other person mysteriously disappeared without giving you even the slightest reason. Without even taking into consideration how much that can hurt you.

For more information send us a message to our inbox.

With Love and respect to all of you.