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28 Northpole Road, St Quintin View, London, W10 6QL, UK

Guardian Secure Ltd is a vacant property management company. We specialise in securing vacant sites using guardians. We also cover management and maintenance of the sites we manage.

Should squatters attempt to enter and occupy commercial property already occupied by resident guardians, it is a criminal offence and the police have the power to act immediately.

Should squatters attempt to enter and occupy empty commercial property, it is a civil offence and the squatters can remain in the empty commercial property until County Court proceedings and bailliff action takes place at the property owners cost.

Consequential theft from an empty commercial property of electricity, gas and water will subsequently be paid for by the property owner as it is an offence against the human rights of the squatters to attempt to have services cut off.

Consequential and inevitable criminal damage to an empty commercial property by squatters is not provable against person or persons unknown and will subsequently be paid for by the property owner.

Anything of value either left at or attached to the empty commercial property will be stolen by squatters as person or persons unknown and the police are powerless to make an arrest.

In view of the forgoing, insurers will either not cover the risk or they will vastly inflate premiums for empty commercial property.

Guardian Secure also offer specialist rating advice whereby business rates payable may in certain circumstances be substantially mitigated.

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