Hot Needle

Clothing Store


We are 2 siblings who love sports and fashion. The designs are hand drawn, featuring Needle, a cactus who loves adventures.

The meaning behind the cactus is symbolized in its hard protective exterior, its endurance and strength to survive in new environments and situations. The cactus is adaptable and strong. That's where we got the idea of personifying "Needle", a cactus who sets its mind to getting better and becoming stronger and better at anything it sets its mind to.
While it may not be recognized for its beauty, the real beauty and treasure of the cactus come from the inside, with its unique ability to store water. Keeping a cactus in your home or at work will remind you to stay strong, endure and remember that the essence of both your truth and your beauty comes from within.

Either you are the stubborns, the survivors, the darers, the challengers, or simply fans of fashion, you will help us build a community of strong minded people and support talent.

I hope you feel great wearing the clothes :) any feedback is welcome!