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638 N Diane Ct, Chandler, Arizona, 85226, USA

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Make no mistake. I’m not your “typical” tattoo artist by any stretch of the imagination. Roy Adams is something you’ve never seen before – at least, not around here. Quite simply, Inky Boy Cartel will change the way you think about your canvas; and isn’t it about time? Inky Boy Cartel is a new concept in tattoo artistry. You are a natural work of art – with a story to tell. Inky Boy Cartel artist Roy Adams from Cleveland, OH is one of the most creative, conscientious, and professional in the business who specialize in helping clients achieve the tattoos of their dreams.
Getting a tattoo, as one artist says, is a bit like “picking a personal logo for life”.
At Inky Boy Cartel, Roy Adams can help you decide upon your ideal tattoo design, placement, coloring, and how to take care of your “personal logo.” A new tattoo begins with a consultation. This not only gives you an opportunity to meet the artist and check out the work space, but also allows you to discuss your design in advance of any tattoo treatment. Whether you have a specific design in mind or want to draw inspiration from our portfolio of tattoo artistry – Roy Adams can help you design and decide upon your perfect tattoo. Take your first step in designing your new tattoo, and meet the Inky Boy Cartel at our new center in Arizona. Locally owned and operated Tattoo studio in Chandler, Arizona.