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Invitation to the Fourth Way of G.I. Gurdjieff

International School of the Fourth Way (ISTFW)
We have online resources, workgroups and workshops around the world and are currently developing a physical school in Spain, in the spirit of Prieure.

The project is led by a genuine, experienced initiate of Lord John Pentland, Mr. Alan Francis. He started the Fourth Way in 1969 in California. He has been granted authority to teach the Work and to begin new centers by Mr. Gurdjieff’s son, Michel de Salzmann. He is author of the book, “The Secrets of the Fourth Way.”

If you have read or learned about the Work in books that are available, writings online and are seeking for more knowledge and direct experience (the kind you cannot find on Google or Internet forums), please look us up and do not hesitate to contact us directly, via Messenger, Email or Whatsapp. Please see our contact information at the end.
For many of us, the Work ideas resonate through books. The books about the Work can be compared to books describing a specific methodology, like Tai Chi or Zen. They describe a physical, emotional and intellectual practice. The actual practice itself is EXCLUSIVELY taught in Lineage Schools, like Zen is only really taught at the Dojo, by a qualified Master.

Lineage proceeds in Fourth Way like in the medieval Medici schools of art and knowledge. Here we find a new and independent teaching from Mr. Gurdjieff, the Avatar of the 21st century.
If you are interested in the Fourth Way, please look no further.

Few introductory video workshops and interviews are available:

Resources you can participate in:

Questions and Answers with Master of Fourth Way on Facebook:

A weekly, free-of-charge Zoom Webinar
Qi-Gong with Master of Fourth Way

(Pre-registration for the Webinar is recommended)
Every Saturday @ 20.00 Central European Time
@ 02.00 Eastern Standard Time

Register through this link:

Alan Francis’s book, Secrets of the Fourth Way
Highly recommended reading as the best contemporary account on the Fourth Way.

Contact information:

Jussi Korkala / Manager
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Alan Francis / Director
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International School of the Fourth Way currently has and welcomes students from all over the world.
International School of the Fourth Way