Iraggi Alternator

Alternator Supplier

Iraggi Alternator strives to offer customers one-of-a-kind warranties and benefits that no other company offers. Our "Lifetime Warranty" really is a Lifetime Warranty, it covers all parts, labor and shipping. The only things it does not cover are melted rectifiers/windings, and damage caused by improper shipping by the customer. No other company has a true lifetime warranty..
When you purchase an Iraggi Alternator it comes with our Trade- In program, which is where if you ever change vehicles you just send in your alternator and we will build you a new one for your new vehicle, with all the same benefits, for only $99 + shipping. Unlimited times you can use this..Even if your Iraggi Alt is old, but you have the same car and just want to get a newer alternator you can use this to trade in the older alternator for a brand new one! No limit on how many trade-ins you can do!
Our price includes any color/design that you want. We have 100's of color options and Iraggi Custom Designs. You can choose the color(s) for your front housing, back housing, rotor and pulley! We can also send you examples of any colors that you want to view!
Also all our alternator include the Warranty Transfer Option, so if you ever sell/gift your Iraggi Alternator the new owner can transfer all the benefits into their name