Iris Lodge Alpacas


33 Dunks Ln, Jilliby, New South Wales, 2259, Australia

f you're looking for things to do in the Central Coast this weekend.

Visit our farm and get up close and personal with our alpacas.

Iris Lodge is a working farm on the Central Coast NSW. You can meet our alpacas, wiltipoll sheep, horses and cows and our maremma Lola.

At Iris Lodge Alpacas we offer our guests the opportunity to experience life on the farm and get to know our animals.

When you arrive you'll meet Billy our very special guard alpaca who will want to be fed a banana before he will let you on the farm. Next you'll meet Ellie a wiltipoll sheep who is Billy's best friend. Take time to meet Billy and Ellie and get some photos. Ellie enjoys a good deep tissue massage.

Next its time to meet and feed Coby and Andy our horses who enjoy apples and carrots.

We then meet our collection of lambs.

Walking up past the horses we meet Benny and gang our flock of wiltipoll sheep. They are keen for their grain and carrots. Here you'll have the chance to hand feed the sheep and learn about what makes wiltipolls different to other sheep. You'll also meet Lola our maremma who guards the sheep From here its off to the alpacas where you will the opportunity to hand feed them their alpaca mix and carrots. We spend time meeting the alpacas, interacting with them and learning their personalities.

When the alpacas are full its time to meet the cows and calves.
Its' now time to round up the alpacas and head up for our breakfast watching the alpacas.
Enclosed shoes are recommended for this experience.