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Welcome to JWA, the home of learning everything about MONEY, INVESTING and PERSONAL FINANCE, for teens and young adults around the world!

The place future movers and shakers come to learn.

Whether you want to be a millionaire or just want financial security, the aim of this site and our courses is for you to take control of your future.

Money is a means to be able to live life the way you that you want and we want to give you the skills to start on your journey.

We believe money skills should be taught in the same way as basic hygiene when you are growing up. It should be as regular and natural as brushing your teeth!

Knowing about budgeting, investing and how to use debt, should be as important as making your bed, showering and doing the dishes.

This website we will bring you the best of curated videos, articles, podcasts and original training to guide you as a young adult or teenager to a life of financial stability and freedom!

If you want to learn about money skills and financial literacy as a young person, then you are in the right place.


We believe incorporating daily, weekly & yearly money skills and habits into your life is what will move you towards your financial dreams and goals.

This is not a get rich quick course, as true wealth building takes time and is for life. The wealth journey is a marathon, not a sprint and takes building up real skills.

J Wealth Academy will teach you the secret strategies and formulas that the wealthy follow, to build their wealth and get everything they want from their lives.

We believe that money skills and knowledge should be a necessity, not a luxury for everyone. These skills should be learnt by everyone, in an easy, fun and entertaining way.

You should have the knowledge to decide where you fit into society and what you want in this world and not let society decide for you.

Welcome to the world of JWA !