Jacotanu / DC Mizey

Music Producer


Bassline, Grime, Garage DJ/Producer in Japan.
A label co-owner of SPRAYBOX, a dance music label based in Tokyo.

He has been in charge of arranging all the tracks for the bass music unit "LADY'S ONLY" until August 2021.
He has made original tracks for arcade games such as "beatmania IIDX" and "DANCERUSH STARDOM" (KONAMI).

He left LADY'S ONLY in August 2021 and started his solo project "DC Mizey" in December of the same year.
As DC Mizey, he has made tracks for "Den-On-Be" (Namco Bandai Entertainment) , "valknee," JAKAZiD, and IOSYS.

He has also continued to release tracks under the name "Jacotanu".
In November 2021, he participated in the launch of "SPRAYBOX" , and in November 2022, he released an original track "URMA" from Wang Records in UK.