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#15, 920 - 28 Street N.E. , Calgary, Alberta, T2A 6K1, Canada

About Us:
At Kitchen Cabinets Factory we're committed to offering you the highest quality workmanship, on time and on budget. Delivering you the best cabinets is our top priority.

Efficient Construction:
Owner, Mechanical Engineer, Walter Kostur has designed his shop to maximize efficiency. By streamlining the construction process, you'll receive your beautiful cabinets within weeks of your order.

Modular Cabinets:
Our modular cabinets are customized, designed and engineered to fit your space. They are easy to install and versatile. In no time, your new cabinets will take their pride of place in your home.

Custom Cabinets:
Choose from an array of top quality embossed melamine, veneered wood substitutes and solid woods, available in dozens of stains and solid colours. For all of our cabinets, we only use the very best cabinetry hardware technology, giving you convenience, ease of access and a premium experience.