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Both my wife and I have drunk Kombucha for years, not because we enjoyed it, but because we both needed to improve our gut health.
The Kombucha we used to buy tasted what we both describe as 'harsh' it wasn't an enjoyable experience drinking it, it was like 'taking our medicine'.
Our mission started as something very personal, it was to brew a Kombucha that we both 'wanted to drink' and that we actually enjoyed drinking it. So we started brewing our own, and guess what?
We ended up brewing a Kombucha that we both absolutely loved, so we started sharing it with friends to gauge their reaction, that was positive, then we tried seasoned kombucha drinkers and their reaction and advice has bought us here. They also loved it.
There are just the two of us, my wife and I have totally different tastes, so we were making two different Kombuchas. That was just the two of us, what about our customers? So we decided to let our customers design their own flavors and tastes. We currently have 108 different choices, our aim is to have 420.