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La Donna Taylor ~ A proficient and talented violinist, She has played with the San Antonio, Knoxville and San Jose Symphony Orchestras and has been a featured soloist for Benny Hinn, John Hagee, Norvel Hayes, and Morris Cerullo. Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural Network plays La Donna’s TV show weekly. The Deepest Well with La Donna
With roots deep in Pentecost and a special love for the Catholic Church, La Donna travels the world and teaches scripture through both word and music. She has traveled over two million miles in the last twenty years as an itinerant minister, using her gifts globally to encourage those in special need of a touch from God. After suffering a life-threatening medical accident and receiving a miraculous healing, she has particular compassion for the sick, broken hearted and hopeless. A tangible outpouring of God’s Presence accompanies Dr. Taylor’s music and those attending her meetings have seen the lame walk, the deaf hear, the blind see, and the captive set free!