La Meule Permaculture Farm

Ecological Park

B28, La Meule Permaculture Farm, Bambous Virieux, 50101, Mauritius

(230) 58609085

Showcasing a whole new experience in agricultural systems, agro-tourism and lifestyle, in Mauritius.

La Meule Permaculture Farm is a family project to create an agro-ecological sustainable farm using the Permaculture Concept and Ethics. The land owner is Société Familial Marylou and has a long-term Lease Agreement with Terganic Limitée for the setting up, and management of the farm. Both entities are owned by the same family.

The Farm being completely off-grid will sustain ourselves with its vegetable gardens, main crop fields, food forests, animal husbandries, water harvesting systems, energy systems, and other modern and appropriate ecological technologies. The farm acts as a permaculture research and demonstration center, in collaboration or partnerships with compatible local businesses, wildlife foundations, and governmental units, working together towards the same goals. We implement on site our results, sustaining us and feeding ourselves from our produce, selling all surplus to visitors, and the local markets.