LAAM Partners Group

Financial Planner

159 Parrot Ln, Simi Valley, California, 93065, USA

At LAAM Partners Group, we strive for excellence in the insurance and financial services industry. We are a boutique general insurance agency with the objective to keep things simple. Our team is one of many collaborative professionals offering creative magic with product, strategy and education. By delivering on this objective, advisers from all corners of the financial and tax arenas can easily digest and implement our strategies with the advisers' top clients.

We understand that the world around us -- and our industry in particular -- has become "information overload". We know you get bombarded with proverbial junk mail. We aim to be the filter that removes all the industry "noise" and gets you only what you need to know. The advisers we choose to work with typically specialize in other sectors of the world we live in. They simply cannot stay on top of every product, every strategy, every tax law, etc. that comes out. We become the first place our advisers turn to when they have questions or concerns and also when the slickest marketing pitch, product or article catches their eye. The tremendous value we offer our advisers lies ultimately in our 25+ years of success; doing what we do and our "rolodex" of specialized tax and legal professionals that help us stay cutting-edge in our space.To achieve our goals, we use proven business strategies and adhere to our core values:

• Leadership | Lead by example and inspire others to serve, achieve and evolve.
• Relationship | Invest in the mission and wellbeing of our people and our partners.
• Integrity | Conduct business with uncompromising honesty and respect for customer confidentiality.
• Accountability | Take ownership of the actions for which we are responsible.
• Quality | Set the highest standards and continually strive to be better than before.
• Innovation | Remain at the forefront of our industry and develop initiatives to drive best practices, which will increase efficiencies, productivity and quality.
• Passion | Demonstrate that our love for service guides our actions.
• Recognition | Celebrate the successes and milestones, both large and small, of our people and our partners.