Lingo Space

English Language School

Wapenveldestraat, Den Haag, 2573, Netherlands

+31 6 55998208

We are a couple of language enthusiasts with over 10 years of teaching experience. Our studies and dissertations, namely BA, MA and PhD, all revolve around languages and focus on areas such as linguistics, business language, culture and literature or neuroscience.
In our school we work, learn and have fun all at the same time. Teaching, writing and translation are our jobs as well as our passions. We offer genuine help and seeing you learn and enjoy yourself is our biggest reward.
The reason why we can afford to set prices so low is the fact that we do not employ teachers – we are the teachers. Likewise, we do not need recruiters, managers, methodologists nor any other employees because we do the job ourselves. We do our best because it is our school and we pay strict attention to all aspects of our activity to assure the highest quality of our services.
Are you having a hard time expressing yourself in writing?
Would you like your website to abound in high quality, precise and interesting texts?
We can produce tailor-made texts to meet your goals and help you reach people through all the layers of their minds.
You can send us your ideas to get a quote within several hours. Then it is best to arrange a meeting in order to discuss your ideas and your goals. In such a meeting we ask you relevant questions and take notes to make your text function successfully in contexts of your choice.
We also offer translation and localization services. We are trained and experienced translators and interpreters well aware of translation quality assessment tools and techniques.
There is no fixed price for translation, localization and interpreting services. Every situation will be priced individually.