We are looking for people who are willing to help such people :-

1) Who are unable to run their small businesses during this pandemic.

2) People who are helpless and are not able to eat once or twice in a day.

3) People who are finding shelters to sleep on roads in rain.

4) People who are not able to celebrate any kind of festivals due to poor financial conditions.

... The list can continue for as long as we people who are capable enough to help those who are suffering at this point do not take a small step for this good cause.

At Mahadeep Ngo, we are looking for people to join our team and help us with anything they can..
Food 🍽️
Books 📚
Old clothes 🎽
Bedsheets, Blankets, Shawls, etc.

As a team we promote people to take a littile amount of time from their schedule to meet at the decided places and help these poeple or go out and help those people by theirselves on the decided date and time, click photographs and share with us.

Still if you are unable to manage your time, you can help the NGO with these things by contacting us ( +91 9284036131 ) or else through donations so that we purchase blankets,shawls,etc from your side.

Helping as a team can surely make a question on the safety within the team itself during this pandemic situation.

But we've taken all the important measures to make sure our team is safe and healthy in such a way:-

• Masks compulsory
• Disposable gloves ( provided by NGO )
• Checking their Aarogya Setu status
• Maintaining appropriate distance among people whom we're helping and in team.
• Temperature Checking
• Face shield ( Optional )