Marketiva is a start-up founded by Mrinal Sharma, a versatile and experienced entrepreneur with many international forums under his belt. His vision, paired with his pleasant persona, has seen the light of the day with Marketiva. He believes Marketiva would not be the success that it is, without the support and hard work of his gifted team members. Marketiva is proud to have Prarthanaa Singhal as the Marketing Advisor, Suhani Palaria as the Social Media Head and Prakhar Bhargava as the Head Designer.
Marketiva is the catalyst to grow business through search and social advertising. The integrated marketing system will help tailor the campaigns of companies around their specific goals along with the best-suited platforms.
Sky-rocketing the public awareness of your business and making it a brand is our responsibility. Marketiva will help to be the fulcrum of your company since your success is our success. So, sit back and enjoy the ride with Marketiva.