Moyo&Cecil's Epic Journey


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Moyo, a black labrador, is South Africa's very first officially registered Emotional Support Animal. She takes her work with her Mom, (Kerry Radloff - who doubles as The GhostyWriter of Moyo's Blog...) very seriously. Using humour and the odd bit of hyperbole, Moyo tells stories of her every day with Mom. These days Moyo and her Mom (and Dad) and two cats are on An Epic Journey. They left the strife and danger of South Africa to find a new home in Canada, and are travelling around the country in an old Winnebago called The Noahbago (because of all the animals on-board!) This is a Travel Blog, a Dog's Diary and an honest source of information on the trauma and recovery processes of C-PTSD (Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).