My Pal Stroganoff

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Follow Stroganoff, the dachshund, on all of his adventures in the book series, “My Pal Stroganoff”. In his first book, we get a smile-filled glimpse into the daily life of the most adorable doxie around. It’s almost impossible to turn the page and not smile along with this happy little dog. Kids of all ages, parents, and grandparents will delight in the colorful and happy imagery that every page displays.

Everyone in the family will have fun reading about this cute little guy as he teaches his younger readers about good daily habits like healthy eating, exercising, nap time, tidiness, studying, family time, bedtime, and just having fun. Your little ones will want to embrace the good habits they learn and mimic his good habits.

Follow Stroganoff through all his adventures and learn about life, love, and a little dog with big paws.