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 Networks411 acquires APS, a 33 yr old US Press Service!

The American Press upgrade of our WIX-powered websites is moving forward well. With the help of; the WIX support team and special assistance from Chelsea of the WIX NYC office, the WIX Community, and the new WIX ADI site development tools, Networks411 is ahead of schedule and is poised for official release January 2017 !  APS411 will remain the keystone of 411(information) network moduplexing™, directly under the web apex; Networks411! With 33 years of positive, hard copy media services we are proud to say we will continue expanding our Places2Do!™  coverage, content Rich(!) delivery and promote value driven mojo in mass.  

AP continues to convert 33 years of archives while adding full digital Media to daily! The APS 100K+ image archives and Places2Do!™ fresh 411 of local; Events, Exhibitions, Racing, Concerts, Museums, Libraries, Festivals, Artists, and   will work hand in hand (oh yes I did;) with your PC planning and iOs, Android mobile travel needs.

Our geo-positioned, PC and Mobile accessible portfolios of NYS Museums and Libraries ( are already the World's largest publically available portals for presenting and promoting the cornerstones and stewardship of our Communities; History, Art, Cultural Institutions, venues, & sites! Plan a TMX experience today!