Nirvaan is an organization which has an aim to connect people with meditation, mindfulness and sound healing and help them to understand the states of higher consciousness and self awareness. We as an organization are working on how sound healing is important and beneficial to everyone right from kids to grown up,We have researched about best Mindful activities and connected with the Mindfulness Coaches from all around the world, who have used the power of Meditation, Mindfulness and sound healing to transform themselves completely.
Not everyone is blessed with the time or the inclination to sit still to meditate and yet, it is they who
need it more than anyone else.
This is where Nirvaan Music comes in. With a cocktail of sound frequencies , brainwaves, bio resonance tones , solfeggio notes, sleeping music, nature soundscapes that are especially designed to soothe, calm and bring about blessed peace within you, improve your cognitive abilities, it is meditation at its effortless If there is a one stop solution to all your pain and suffering, this could be your best chance to Nirvana, the Nirvaan Music way.
At Nirvaan, we would like to hold your hand as you step into what you truly deserve. A life of perfect
health and immense joy, but most of all, the realization that what you seek lies within you.