OPAAT-SWY Consulting Ltd.


#19 Senior St, Diego Martin, TR00129, Trinidad & Tobago

OPAAT-SWY Consulting Ltd. is the first Sales Enablement Agency and HubSpot Provider based English Caribbean.

Our main objective is to help B2B (SME) companies increase sales and overall market GROWTH by changing the way their sales and marketing teams sell. Industries within the Caribbean have been in a state of change, from changes in the economy, government, competition, etc. However, one main CHANGE companies have not prepared for which has had the most impact is the change of their BUYER.

With over twenty years of experience, our approach is a simple but impactful one, where we look at your current approach and either refine or re-develop it to fall within our Attract | Engage | Commit | Measure methodology. From there, we align that strategy to your company's goals and objectives and implement tools like HubSpot CRM to provide deeper BI, support the sales process, monitor performance metrics and help you GROW.