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The Pomegranate Mint Allows You to Hold History in Your Hand!

A new and exciting project is being launched, which brings investment potential together with history. The Pomegranate Mint is a private mint that focuses on producing silver bullion coins around Armenian history and culture. All the coins are produced from 99.9% fine silver bullion, are limited production runs of 25,000 or less, and are parts of sets to collect.

Silver, like gold and other precious metals, has been used as money for as long as money has existed. Today, silver is a popular investment hedge against the rising inflation of flat currencies, which due to its volatility, has provided consistent returns for investors over the past several decades. Silver is also a popular industrial metal, with a wide range of uses from solar panels to electric vehicles and weapons manufacturing. This has led to investors snapping up this valuable hedge, leading to physical shortages of silver over the past few years. When it comes to wealth preservation, investors in precious metals often say, "if you don't hold it, you don't own it!"

In the wake of this, the founder of Pomegranate Mint Andranik Aghazarian, has been active in the precious metal collecting and investing space for the last 15 years. In May 2022, he decided to launch his project to showcase Armenia's unique history and culture by launching two silver coin series. The first is called the Ancient Armenian Kings Series, which are reproductions of the ancient silver coinage of Armenian kings. These coins have the exact dimensions, designs, and weights as their ancient counterparts but are pristine modern examples. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on these often-scarce examples, Pomegranate Mint makes it affordable for the average person to purchase, invest and collect these unique historical pieces. The first of the series is the 2022 Tigranes the Great Silver Tetradrachm, available in 15g of 99.9% fine silver, on the website for pre-sale in June: ANCIENT ARMENIAN KINGS SERIES (pomegranatemint.com)

The second series, The Legendary Armenian Heroes & Mythical Beasts Series, is designed differently. These coins are available in 31.1g or 1 Troy Oz of 99.9% fine silver, the most common weight for silver bullion coins. All the coins in this series are original designs produced by Pomegranate Mint, in a high polish finish, and focused on the characters from Armenian folklore. The first of the series is Hayk Nahapet, the legendary founder of Armenia, with many more to be added later this year. This coin is available for purchase on the website, and the pre-sale begins in July: LEGENDARY HEROES & MYTHICAL BEASTS (pomegranatemint.com)

What sets this company apart is that all the coins produced are parts of sets to be collected and displayed together, with extremely low mintages of 25,000 or fewer coins produced per example. In addition, each coin comes with an airtight capsule and booklet with original artwork and a story that describes the history and significance of the coins. Each coin tells one part of a story, whereas the set describes the story through time. Attached to the booklet is the certificate of authenticity, which describes the details of each coin and contains a serialized holographic tamperproof sticker for security. The booklets are pressed with 24k gold leaf, with fantastic attention to detail.

With the popularity of blockchain technologies in recent years, the Pomegranate Mint has taken an original approach to artwork. The Pomegranate Mint has minted original, historically themed NFTs on OpenSea. These NFTs are available for purchase at: Ancient Times of Far Away Lands - Collection | OpenSea

Andranik Aghazarian, the founder of Pomegranate Mint, is an active citizen of the Network State Panarmenian Movement. He will be donating a portion of all profits to active Network State projects designed to improve the lives of rural Armenians and empower the Armenian community worldwide. For more information on the Network State, please visit: Network State – A Pan-Armenian Movement

Whether you have been stacking precious metals for years or are new to investing, the Pomegranate Mint makes the experience of collecting silver an exciting and educational experience. If you are interested in history or want to add some unique pieces to your stack, check out Pomegranate Mint's website at: HOME | Pomegranate Mint, or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pomegranatemint, to stay up-to-date on all the releases from this private mint!
Andranik Aghazarian is a serial entrepreneur and Network State citizen.