Roar for Chocolate

Chocolate Artisan

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At ROAR FOR we believe in making a difference by challenging the way products are, thinking differently and committing to an ethical and sustainable future.

We continually strive to:
• reconnect products back to their natural essence and raw ingredients,
• think differently to create delicious, innovative raw products, and
• source ingredients and materials that care for our planet.

The Roar for Chocolate brand is a delicious range of raw, organic, vegan chocolate truffles made from a handful of carefully chosen, ethical ingredients.

It offers an indulgent experience, from an exquisite reveal to a sublime roar for more!

Our current range of products include salted caramel, lime berry and orange pistachio.

Roar's innovative fun yet sophisticated packaging is 100% recyclable and plastic free. Roar for Chocolate epitomises great taste whilst caring for the planet!

Roar for Chocolate is aimed at the premium and luxury, everyday, gifting and hospitality markets. All Roar for Chocolate products are distributed directly from ROAR for LTD.

At the heart of Roar’s uniqueness is :
• Raw, vegan, organic ingredients. Cacao ingredients sourced ethically supporting local small farmers and the Fair Trade ethos. Free from diary, palm oil, cane sugar, artificial flavourings and additives. Made from only 7 to 8 ingredients.
• Plastic free, recyclable and fully compostable packaging.
• Products hand made by Zoe, inspired by son Indy;

ROAR FOR is a family run business in the innovative Cotswold town of Stroud.

We are a growing new start up business seeking partnerships to make available amazing products to all at a reasonable price. We are happy to discuss a flexible pricing structure with you.

For further information please contact us.