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RootSQuaRe is an urban culture lifestyle brand, founded in 2018 and inspired by Mother Earth's history and cultures. At RootSQuaRe, we want to spread love by sharing knowledge and wisdom within our community. Doing so reminds us to be family, to be human.

At RootSQuaRe we believe hemp has a mysterious way of connecting us to our roots. Hemp is part of our future. Hemp is organic, sustainable and rich in history. Our History. Hemp is the best material for our products and our message. We use hemp to connect us back home, as it is the most raw, natural and untouched resource for the human body. It is our direct link to the past and our ancestors.

We share our message through symbols and words used by our ancestors that once roamed the earth. Societies, like the Egyptian, Mesopotamians, Greek, Mayan and Aztecan cultures, all share similar symbols, geometry, mathematics and astrology that tell us a certain truth of reality. Symbols can trigger our subconscious, inviting us deeper into our collective humanity, even if we aren’t conscious of it.

We are well aware of the changing environment. Our planet is resilient, but if we do not change our ways, the planet will live on without us. Our pre-order system makes the production process square, for you and the environment.

We want to share our message on hemp and continue the legacy of our ancestors.

Our. Mission.