Security Pitch

Software Company

88/8 Chatuchak district, Bangkok, 10900, Thailand

Founded in 2020, Security Pitch is the only security-native company in Thailand with a specialization in cyber-physical security. We do not believe security can be handled separately between physical and cyber realms. In order to solve today's complex security challenges, it is necessary to do both. Our goal is to build a seamless ecosystem of cyber-physical security systems that everyone can easily use on a routine basis. Building a secure environment is the responsibility of everyone. The core of our business model is to establish a strong network for law enforcement, security professionals, and people to directly take part in promoting the safety and security of communities by themselves. We engage all stakeholders in designing our ecosystem from the beginning stages. Our products and services are super user-centric!
Based in Bangkok, our team comprises people from various backgrounds, such as law enforcement, engineers, data scientists, privacy and cyber security experts, security professionals, etc. This enables us to tailor-make our products/services to suit each customer perfectly. We believe safety and security are one of the basic elements when it comes to human rights. We are trying to solve security challenges by allowing everyone in our network to share, suggest, and hand over "High-End Security" to their loved ones. Touchable security is our motto!