Servizi Aziendali Speciali srl

Private Investigator

1341 Via Nazionale - Monclassico, Dimaro , 38020, Italy

SAS Investigations is an agency of Investigations and Security, which was founded in 2007 by Private Investigators from the security apparatus of government and not Italian and / or foreign.

Over the years, the S.A.S. Private Investigators have increasingly established itself as a partner to companies, individuals and law firms across the country, giving proof to be decisive in the context of very complex events and in investigations aiming at seeking evidence on behalf of the defense or the victim of the crime.

So this is not a simple "Detective“ agency, but an 'established network of professional investigation, Private Investigators and security specialists, whose information network / operations enables it to operate in the country with a guarantee of success.

Specializing in all types of investigative service and / or security, the SAS has a diverse clientele that includes private and public companies, insurance companies, law firms and private customers. The activities are designed, developed and planned in order to find the most effective solutions for the resolution of cases.

In order to ensure maximum synergy and thus achieve the best result, it will be the duty of the S.A.S. Private Investigators to formulate and modulate each service.

The agency operates by all means available to resolve the given issues, respecting strict moral standards and ensuring maximum discretion and seriousness.

In addition, the SAS, as many other investigative agencies, invites you to be aware of improvised people or impostors. We invite you to address only certified institutions, with prefectural icense, which besides being professionals are also the only ones to perform these very special activities, as required by art. 134 T.U.L.P.S. and Art. 327 bis and 391 bis et seq. the C.P.P .