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Silvi-Pi Drone Media provides imagery services coupled with a 20+ year experienced forester. Land managers gain valuable data regarding resource management, land health, construction information, natural disaster response, and chronological imagery. Drones can produce extremely accurate measurements so you’re only paying for what is produced or purchased. When paying by the acre, cubic yard, bushel, etc having the most accurate information will help put dollars in the correct place.
Land managers will benefit from crop development and health reporting. Enabling them to focus on areas that need attention and addressing the issue before it’s too late. Time is spent on what needs to be done freeing up time to do other job duties.
Silvi-Pi Drone Media also specializes in video production for real estate, land procurement, board room presentations, or any other times when you need high quality video presentations.
In addition, for those who are not familiar with the technology Silvi-Pi Drone Media creates an end to end experience. This will allow uses to fully utilize the deliverables in their business decisions.