Stien Michiels / STI.LL


47 Rassonstraat, Schaarbeek, 1030, Belgium


Stien Michiels is a born storyteller who combines depth with sensitivity and humor. She writes striking poetic lyrics and warm, melodic, melancholic songs that are taken to a higher level by the purebred musicians that surround her.

Fans call it moving, intense, intimate and haunting music, heartwarming and taken from life, catchy, sincere and real. A performance of STI.LL is invariably a captivating journey through text and music, a moving and connecting experience.

Unique is also that STI.LL can combine a performance with a writing workshop and/or circle conversation around relevant themes or with specific target groups, with Stien Michiels as experienced facilitator. Texts from the workshop are incorporated by her into the performance. Stien speaks, sings and writes in three languages: NL, FR and EN.

Stien Michiels (vocals), Pat Van Kerckhove (piano, bandoneon), Bert Candries (bass, guitar, ukulele, banjo) and Renke Van Impe (cello, double bass, bass, backing vocals)