The go-to place for stylish and trendsetting accessories for those daring to be the fashion risk-taker we all wish we could be.

Taking you and your little one from the playground to the party.

Our goal is to make sure all the fashionistas have a knack for layering eccentric accessories with access to the latest fashion. Whether it’s bedazzled stockings, statement belts, bold necklaces, blinged-out hair pins, signature handbags, and handmade reworked pieces, we have an array of trendsetting accessories to add fun to any outfit for special occasions or just for fun, everyday wear!

Offering styles for kids, savvy moms, and other shoppers a chic and happy shopping experience.

Providing clothing inspired by what little girls want in real life

Roll out the red carpet!

Make a Fashion Statement!

Accessorize with both baby handbags and stuffed animals. From Timberlands and tutus to high socks and fur jackets, have fun with fashion! For special occasions or just for fun, everyday wear!

If you are looking for a bit of glamour for your little fashionistas, this is the right place for you!