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Welcome to Tatties & Spuds

We sell a wide range of Quality Farm Potatoes
delivered for FREE directly to your door in fully recyclable boxes
ranging from 5kg to 20kg

Our close relationship with local farmers and suppliers across the UK help us to ensure that we can cover our customers demand whatever the season.

Majority of our Potatoes are sold Unwashed so it DOUBLE their shelf-life and that's one of the reasons why our products can not be compared to those sold in other stores.

Depend on the season you will be able to find varieties like:
Maris Piper, Ayrshire, Chipping, Cyprus Spunta, Golden Wonders,
Egyptian Potatoes, Cornish/Maris Peer, Jersey Royal,
Maris Bard, Roosters, Kerr's Pink, Wilja, Cyprus Cara and many others,

We make sure for every change in the farming season we have the best potatoes that can be used
to boil, mash, fry, roast or to make great Chips!

Check us now and visit our online store for
best Quality Farm Potatoes Delivery !