The Drip Sneakers LLC

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The Drip Sneakers LLC™ is a Buy/Sell/Trade online marketplace as well as local Shoe Store/Apparel Shop located in  Kalamazoo, Michigan. We carry a large selection of Sneakers - Brand New as well as Pre-owned in good condition  -- and also as house an All-time Great selection of sports team Jerseys, Jackets, Men/Women Apparel, Sports Cards, Collectibles, Memorabilia and we've recently added our New shop, The Drip Sneakers (Women) Fashion Boutique.

We Specialize in Shoe Cleaning, Repair & Restoration and are the First Sneaker Retail Store to offer the above-mentioned as an actual 'Service'.

Our additional services include but are not limited to:


Sneaker Consignment;

and we Now offer a multi-faceted Affiliate Marketplace.
If you're interested and want to Learn More about how Creatives, Developers & Influencers could Affiliate Market on Our platform - Shoot Us a Message!!