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THE RISE COLLECTION is a product design company that was created by Joshua Paulsen a JRS Coding School graduate, and Mitchell Dewald a Logistics Specialist at Amazon.

Founded originally back in 2014 as a game development studio named Rise Studios. During this time we where able to establish our IOS and Android portfolio with a few test-release projects. Using the rapid-application development method early on we got the chance to really test the unfamiliar market in-front of us "the apple store".

We have published using multiple game engines throughout the years, and have seen some success with a Build-box project we created called "Keep On Trucking". This venture started when I was 14 and sparked an interest in software-development through a course my grandparents purchased for me teaching GameSalad a no-code game-engine.

Today we continue to grow this portfolio and work towards our goal of "Innovating without forgetting to be creative". We want to create resources to support innovation through software starting and people trying to get a foot-hold as a software dev with little prior knowledge. Anything is possible with the right amount of collaboration and effort.